The List of Popular Drive-In Restaurants

A drive-in restaurant is a place where you can order and enjoy your food without getting off from your car. Usually, the restaurant staffs will come to your car to take the order and serve the food for you. This type of restaurants has the large parking area. So, you just need to park your car and wait for your order. Some restaurants employ the carhops. The carhops are the restaurant crews that use roller skates to serve the customers. Using the roller skates enables them to move quickly since they have to serve the guests in the very large area.

In fact, the drive-in restaurant is different from Drive-thru outlet. When you visit drive-thru restaurant, you have to line up to order your food. You can mention your order by using a microphone set up on the window. The next, you have to continue driving to the next window. Here, you can pay and take your food. After that, you can bring your food anywhere you want to eat it. In contrast, when you visit the drive-in restaurant, you will be able to enjoy your food in your car at the restaurant area. Besides, you do not need to move your car to make an order. It is because the attendants will come to your car to take and deliver your order.

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The first restaurant in the US which had drive-in concept was Kirby’s Pig Stand. Established in 1921 in Texas, Kirby’s Pig Stand was the leading drive-in restaurant at that time. However, this restaurant was bankrupt since drive-in service became less popular in 1950. In 1980, the drive-in restaurant began to be popular again. For some people, visiting the drive-in restaurant is efficient. It is because they do not need to go out from their vehicle. No doubt, this type of restaurants have not lost its popularity. Nowadays, we still can find many drive-in restaurants around us. In this article, we try to explain some drive-in restaurants which still exist.

  • A&W Restaurant.

Found in 1923, in the beginning, A&W was the root beer stand in California. A&W was owned by Yum! Brands.However, starting at 2011, this restaurant was sold to LLC. Since 1926, A&W has begun to serve the fast-food menu items. As the example, you can order hot dogs, burger, or french fries at A&W. Most of A&W outlets are the conventional restaurant. But, some of the outlets use drive-in service. Besides, A&W also has the carhops that will serve you.

Then, A&W has the new concept of the restaurant. Nowadays, the customers recognize this restaurant as A&W Burgers Chicken Float. With this new concept, A&W focuses to provide fresh food to improve the customers’ satisfaction. This way, you can order A&W burger made from the fresh beef combined with other toppings. Besides, you also can order hand-breaded chicken tender, hot dogs, and other side dishes.

A&W never stops innovating their menu items. As the example, it introduced Mini Polar Swirl as the dessert treat. There are two flavors of this dessert. For instance, you can order Nutter Butter or Sour Patch Kids. Besides, it also expands the chicken menus. A&W serves Texas Toast Sandwich with hand breaded chicken tender. By giving the new menu, A&W customers never feel bored with this restaurant. No doubt, A&W can have more than 1200 outlets worldwide.

  • Checkers and Rally’s Drive-in restaurants.

Checkers Drive-in and Rally’s drive-in are two separate companies. These restaurants serve the different areas in the US. Checkers Drive-in restaurant serves the Southeast area of the United States. Besides, Rally’s serves the Midwest area of the US. But, these restaurants committed to merge in 1999. No doubt, Checkers, and Rally’s become the largest double drive-thru outlets. This company can operate the chains in 28 states as well as in the District of Columbia. This restaurant serves the common fast-food menu items. For instance, it serves hot dogs, hamburger, fries, as well as the milkshake.

The slogan of Checkers and Rally’s restaurant is Crazy Good Food. It means that Checkers and Rally always serve the good food for all of its customers. Unlike other restaurants, Checkers and Rally’s use double lane in order to serve the guests.  This restaurant provides Walk-up and Drive-thru line. The drive-thru lane serves the people that drive their cars. Besides, the walk-up line serves the people who are walking.

Checkers and Rally’s concern to the customers’ dining experience. So, this restaurant always tries to find the strategy to satisfy the customers. One of the strategies is by creating GuestObsessed Survey. In fact, GuestObsessed is the way to assess Checkers and Rally’s customer feedback. This survey asks the customers to give their opinion about some aspects of this drive-in restaurant. For instance, the guests can review the menu served by Checkers and Rally’s. Also, they can rate the service given by Checkers and Rally’s attendants. Furthermore, GuestObsessed aims to make some improvements in this restaurant. This way, Checkers, and Rally’s can compete with other drive-in restaurants.

  • Sonic Drive-in.

Headquartered in Oklahoma, Sonic is the popular drive-in restaurant chain in the US. In 2016, Sonic Drive-in has expanded its chains in 45 states in the US. Besides, it can operate more than 3550 restaurant chains. This restaurant has achieved some awards. For instance, Sonic Drive-in can rank 10th as the quick service restaurant. Since Sonic is a drive-in restaurant, it has many carhops to serve the guests. Besides, every year, Sonic Drive-in creates carhop competition. This contest aims to decide the best carhop on the roller skates.

When you go to Sonic Drive-in, you can order the hamburger, onion rings, and french fries. Besides, there are also chili dogs, corn dogs, as well as toaster sandwich for breakfast. Furthermore, Sonic offers many drink options. For instance, it serves milkshake, slushes, and soft drink. Moreover, Sonic Drive-in allows the customers to combine the flavors of the drink. So, they can create various drink combinations. Also, you can purchase ice cream desserts such as banana split or sundaes.

When you go to Sonic Drive-in for the first time, you may get confused how to order. First, you should drive to the stall. Then, you can mention your order through the speaker system. After that, you can park your car and wait for your food. Sonic Drive-in carhop will deliver the food to your car. This restaurant also provides the patio seating if you do not want to eat in your car.

In order to improve the restaurant quality, Sonic Drive-in creates an online survey for its customers. The name of this survey is TalktoSonic. As like the survey name, you can talk to Sonic about everythings in your mind. You can voice up Sonic feedback. Besides, you can give your suggestion to Sonic as well. By taking part TalktoSonic, you can involve in improving Sonic’s customer service.

  • Circus Drive-in.

Circus Drive-in is a fast-food chain specializing in serving the hamburger. Headquartered in New Jersey, Circus Drive-in can compete with other drive-in chains. Firstly opened in 1954, Circus Drive-in can maintain its business until now. It is because this restaurant provides the wide range of entrees. So, you can enjoy not only hamburger but also other dishes. As the example, you can purchase batter-dipped onion rings. Besides, Circus Drive-in also serves fried softshell crab and Lobster roll. These menu items are so extraordinary that you cannot find it in other restaurants. When you go to Circus Drive-in, you can pull up and park your car around Circus-Drive-in building. You can choose the open air seating area or the covered drive-in isle.

  • Dee’s Drive-in.

Based in Utah, Dee’s Drive-in is also one of the popular burger drive-in chains. Nowadays, Dee’s operates two separate restaurant chains. The first is Dee’s family restaurant. Besides, it also operates Dee’s Drive-in. This restaurant has the big clown marquee. This marquee is available in every drive-in restaurant. You can see the title Dee’s Hamburgers on it. This clown has a big round belly and bright color. The hands of the clown hold four ballons which spell out the menu items sold in this restaurant.

From five drive-in restaurants mentioned above, which store is your favorite? In fact, American has many other drive-in restaurants. But, in this article, we only present the top five drive-in outlets. There are many reasons why people like dining in the drive-in restaurant. First, they may be lazy to stand up in line to order their food. Besides, they may want to enjoy the fast-food inside their car. Whatever your reason for going to the drive-in restaurants above, you should not forget to take the customer survey. For instance, you can take part in the GuestObsessed survey from Checkers and Rally’s. Besides, you also can participate in TalktoSonic survey from Sonic Drive-in.

In order to learn the steps of these surveys, you can visit keliamoniz. Here, you will find the brief explanation about guest satisfaction survey. does not only present GuestObsessed and TalktoSonic. But, you also can find other restaurant surveys. As the example, you can read the tips and guidelines about MyKFCexperience, Telldunkinbaskin, McDvoice, and many other topics.