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LikeFrosted Lemonade is the best choice to wipe your thirsty in the middle of the day. With fresh lemon citrus, this beverage will make you fly with its freshness. Have you tasted it this day? Come on join the online survey in www.mycfavisit.com. And, enjoy the three optional treats after completing mycfavisit’s survey.

Short-term information about www.mycfavisit.com

Likely, Chick-Fil-A official comes into its customers and perceives their wants and wishes about Chick-Fil-A. They also make the online survey site in www.mycfavisit.com and give the space for receiving the complaints and recommendations. Along the Chick-Fil-A’s journey, this American fast food restaurant always revises and enhances its performance through customers’ recommendation.


WWW.mycfavisit.com becomes the official sites to communicate with the customers in all United States. Here, this site contains the statements to rate the customers feeling about Chick-Fil-A restaurant. To catch the customers’ wishes, the official gives the space to its customers can explore their problems related to Chick-Fil-A’s performances.

The Rules and Steps in www.mycfavisit.com

As a good surveyor, the customers must ensure that they are capable of giving the recommendations in mycfavisit’s survey. Those are:

  • One, they can understand English or Spanish.
  • Then, they are the United States’ Resident.
  • For the next, they are at least 18 years old.
  • Aftter that, they have the survey serial number, and it is not more than seven days of their visit.
  • And the last, they must prepare a pen and PC, Laptop or mobile phone with the available internet connection.

Step by Step for www.mycfavisit.com Survey

To apply the online survey in www.mycfavisit.com, the customers should follow these steps:

  • The first step, they must go to www.mycfavisit.com or open the Chick-Fil-A One App.
  • Then, they must select the available language as the language instruction (English or Spanish).
  • After that, they must type the serial numbers, the date and hour of the visit. It appears on the receipt.
  • Once you finish, they must rate the following statements about Chick-Fil-A’s performance. The rating scale starts from strongly satisfied until strongly dissatisfied.
  • For the next, they can explore their ideas about Chick-Fil-A’s performance in detailed explanation. Here, it may be the recommendation, problems, or critics. Besides, ensure that you share it in a good way. Then, share it clearly and honestly.
  • Then, they can submit their review and leave their personal information such as name, email, and phone numbers.
  • And the last, they must write the validation code in the available place in the receipt and show it to the waitress on their next visit.
The reward and rules in www.mycfavisit.com

The surveyors may have a chance to win a free chicken sandwich as the appreciation of their survey. To enjoy the free chicken sandwich, they must redeem the validation code on their next visit. For information, there are some rules to redeem the code, those are:

  • They cannot redeem it more than the available time. This information appears on the receipt.
  • They cannot redeem it with the others menu or money cash.
  • And, they cannot redeem it in more than one visit. The code is available for one visitor per visit.
  • They cannot give the code to the other customers.
About Chick-Fil-A Restaurant

Chick-Fil-A restaurant is one the large-American fast food restaurant. For more than 0 decades, this restaurant has been serving many varieties chicken dish. The originality of flavor makes this restaurant becomes the most famous fast food restaurant in the United States. Indeed, many Chick-Fil-A’s customers agree that this restaurant is the chicken sandwich specialist restaurant. Likely, the customers love this restaurant not just because of its food but also the treats where provides.

Three Best Treat Items in Chick-Fil-A Restaurant

There are three best treat items in Chick-Fil-A Restaurant, those are:

  • Frosted lemonade, Chick-Fil-A Restaurant is the best lemonade production. Here, Chick-Fil-A restaurant serves this beverage with a hand-spun and combines with diet lemonade. It melts with a freshly squeezed and vanilla ice cream.
  • Frosted coffee, same as Frosted Lemonade, Frosted Coffee also provides a hand-spun of coffee. It combines with the blending of cold-brewed coffee with vanilla ice cream.
  • Cookies and Cream Milkshake, this kind of beverage serves the hand-spun of cream and cookies. It melted with ice cream as the topping and whipped with cream and crucial cherry.
Contact Person of Chick-Fil-A Restaurant

Up to now, Chick-Fil-A restaurant still opens the branches opportunity to all its customers. Now, there is around 2000 restaurant in more than 44 states including Washington DC. For the information about restaurant franchise, you may contact some of the information below:

  • Website address: www.cfavisit.com
  • Customer care phone number: 1 866 232 1040
  • Mail address: Chick Fil A Cares, PO BOX 725489, Atlanta, Georgia United States 31139-9923

If you are curious about the fresh taste of Lemonade Squash, Frosted Coffee or Cookies, and Cream Milkshake, you must visit Chick-Fil-A restaurant. Here, leave your feedback in www.mycfavisit.com and enjoy the three special treat items. Good luck guys