McdVoice – Get McDonald’s Application and Join McDonalds Voice Survey 2018

This era eases the people to do many activities at a time. By the use of internet and technology, this task becomes the easiest task to do. McDonald’s Application is one of the smart innovations from McDonald’s Restaurant to ease the customer’s order. Have you installed this application? Even if you have finished some orders through this app, you may take part in McdVoice. To get more comprehension about McdVoice Customer Survey, you can visit


The Overview of McDonald’s, Inc.

Since 1940, McDonald’s run its first operation. This fast food restaurant served the varieties of fast food such as Fried Chicken, Salad, Hamburger, Potatoes, and much more menus. Year after year, McDonald’s becomes larger and larger. It is proved by its large restaurant franchising in the United States and even in the entire world. Nowadays, we can see this fast food chain operates in more than 3000 places in more than a thousand countries in the world.

Types of Order in McDonald’s

Because of its high integrity to the customers, McDonald’s Restaurant provides some ways to order. Here, the ways that the customers can choose, such as:

  • Dine-In

Through this way, the customers can enjoy the food while they get the comfortable place for gathering with family or friends. McDonald’s Team will serve them in a fast way as well they serve the best food for them.

  • Online Order

Then, another way of ordering is through the online order. In this case, the customers can order via McDonald’s Official Website or McDonald’s Application. When they prefer to access the official website, they can visit and choose the “Menu” item on the top side of the site.

  • Drive-Thru

The latest order innovation is Drive-Thru Order. This way is appropriate for any employees who are too busy to queue in front of the cashier. They should come to McDonald’s Drive-Thru Outlet then order without parking their vehicles. Is that effective?

About McDonald’s Application

McDonald’s Application is the mobile application that McDonald’s Official Team creates it. This application is available for Android and Apple users. In an easy way, this app will help the customers to order McDonald’s Menu through the features of the app. Are you interested in installing this app? You can follow the steps below:

  • Step one, at first, the McDonald’s Customers can visit or open Google Play Store for Android Users. Even, the Apple one can open App Store on their device.
  • Step two, then, they can look for the McDonald’s Application and click on “Install Application” menu.
  • Step three, they can tap to “I Agree” and let the app update its feature. Once it was successful, they can use that application as well they are able to order McDonald’s Menu in an easy way.
About McdVoice

McdVoice is the online survey platform from McDonald’s Fast Food Company. This online platform was designed to help the owner monitor its result by measure the customers’ satisfaction. Within at least ten minutes, McDonald’s team is able to get the right information about the achievable result on its restaurant progress. To interact the survey participants, the team has provided the glorious prizes in McdVoice Survey.

About McdVoice Step by Step Instruction

Well, you can say that you are the real McDonald’s Customers if you have completed McdVoice. Of course, it is the best way to support the restaurant progress by giving the feedback to the McDonald’s team. No matter you share the negative feedback, the team will accept it as well they are going to appreciate the survey participants through its reward. Here, the following step by step are:

  • Step 1:

At first, the survey participants can visit the survey website address at Once they arrived on the site, they will meet the English language instruction. In time, they can change it into Spanish.

  • Step 2:

Then, they should send the McDonald’s Survey Invitation Numbers. Just be careful, there are more than 20-digit numbers involved. Just in case they cannot send it, they can use the store number, date of the last visit and much more information. To reach this way, they should select the blue link under the picture.

  • Step 3:

For the next, they are going to meet the important part of McdVoice. In this occasion, the survey participants must answer the questionnaires as well they match it with their real experience with McDonald’s Restaurant.

  • Step 4:

After that, the McdVoice Validation Code will appear on the screen. Then, they should write it down on the current receipt.

For your information, each survey instruction at depends on its specific time instruction. So, it is better to stay focused and answer every section as fast as possible. As the high appreciation for the customers, McDonald’s provides a free McDonald’s Coupon which can be used to enjoy the free meal at McDonald’s Restaurant.

Alright, even if you need further information about McdVoice or McDonald’s Company, you can visit the main website at Remember, you will never be disappointed after joining McDonald’s Customer Survey 2918. Best luck!